SPIRITUAL REBEL® Founder Trisha Paschke

Trisha Paschke founded the brand SPIRITUAL REBEL® as a way to share yoga’s power to unite, heal and inspire.

SPIRITUAL REBEL® clothes look good, feel good and spread the good with positive messaging.

Trisha discovered yoga in early 2000 and embarked on a life-long journey of awareness and self-healing.

Trisha Paschke is certified in Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan®. This yoga of awareness uses breath, movement, and mantra to open up and balance all aspects within the body, mind, and spirit, allowing you to achieve and maintain mastery of yourself.


noun: ˈrebəl/
A person who rises in opposition or resistance against an established government, or philosophy. A person who resists authority, control, or tradition.

adjective: spiriCH(əw)əl/
Relating to the human spirit or soul. Sacred. Devotional.

The name Spiritual Rebel is about redefining what it means to be spiritual.
We are all on a journey to reach our highest self. How we get there is as unique as we are. Our differences are divine!

Being spiritual is about joyfully exploring our greatest potential and highest consciousness Praying, meditating, doing yoga, singing, hiking, surfing, painting, volunteering (btw: the list is endless!) are all tools that can guide us.

Spiritual Rebel recognizes our Infinite Identity as spiritual beings having a human experience. However you celebrate the sacred. Whenever you do good in the world. Wherever you experience joy. Anytime you spread peace and love. That inclusivity, awareness and love is spiritual.

It’s about recognizing the sacredness of every moment, every breath, every living being.

Our prayer is that when you wear SPIRITUAL REBEL you’ll be the light and spread the light to others. It’s about recognizing the divine teacher within us and using that wisdom to elevate, uplift and inspire.


What does the SPIRITUAL REBEL® product line include?
The SPIRITUAL REBEL® lifestyle brand is a hybrid of yoga fitness performance pieces, casual clothing, loungewear, and fashion accessories including: hats, bags, and jewelry. Limitless branding expansion to school/office supplies, phone cases, water bottles, mugs, home décor and art is expected.

Why Activewear?
Clothing is an immediate way to present our identity to the world. Personal style can symbolize our beliefs. Wearing something with a positive message is a powerful way to spread awareness. At SPIRITUAL REBEL®, consciousness is our culture. Make SPIRITUAL REBEL® apparel with awareness your uniform.


SPIRITUAL REBEL® clothing and accessories spread inspiring messages of mind, body and spiritual strength.

SPIRITUAL REBEL’s mission is “To bring inspiration and consciousness to all living beings.”

SPIRITUAL REBEL® is a revolutionary agent of consciousness and harmonious living.

SPIRITUAL REBEL® promotes consciousness, unity, unconditional love and peace.

SPIRITUAL REBEL® is a non-denominational organization guided by the universal principles of unity, peace and harmony for all.

SPIRITUAL REBEL® spreads consciousness by celebrating individuality. Diversity is our strength. Truth is our weapon.

SPIRITUAL REBEL® recognizes the ONE in everyONE. Our universal tribe transcends all distinctions of age, gender, culture, or religion. All are welcome. All are One.

SPIRITUAL REBEL® uses the science and spirituality of Yoga as a path to elevate, uplift and understand.

Positivity is just a breath away

SPIRITUAL REBELS know that no matter where you’ve been or what you’ve been through, positive change is only one breathe away.

SPIRITUAL REBELS are powerful agents of change.

SPIRITUAL REBELS Stand up & Speak up.

SPIRITUAL REBEL love is boundless.

SPIRITUAL REBELS Love who they are and Love you for as you are.

SPIRITUAL REBELS don’t discriminate. Never hate. Elevate.

SPIRITUAL REBELS speak their truth.

SPIRITUAL REBELS follow their heart.

SPIRITUAL REBELS are born to lead.

SPIRITUAL REBELS power through positivity.

SPIRITUAL REBELS use timeless wisdom to solve today’s challenges.

SPIRITUAL REBELS see a way through every block.